Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Having a SALE!!!!

We are having a sale on select items 

The sale is only until December 15th ~ hurry!!!

Quantities are limited!
Hope to see you soon!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pinetree Studios Hand Easels

Just an announcement!

We have asked our daughter-in-law, McCall, to 
take over making and selling our
Pinetree Studios Hand Easels under her own name.

Please go to her ETSY store, McCall Miller Designs, to buy these.

Thank you to all of you who purchased from us in the past.
You will still get the same wonderful quality product
when purchasing from McCall Miller Designs.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE pumpkins.

I was trying to figure out why and the only thing I can think of
is that when I was little my mom and dad would
take us to a pumpkin patch (still growing on the vine!),
and we were able to choose any pumpkin we wanted.
It was always an awesome experience ~ one that I
still cherish ~ thank you mom and dad!

So, what brought this up?

I am looking around my studio and see pumpkins ~ all over the place!
Then I go out into the rest of the house ~ pumpkins!
All types!!!

As silly as it may seem, I am devoting a page on this blog
to pumpkins my husband, Gary, and I create!

 Here are a few to get this started!

Copyright Pinetree Studios

Copyright Pinetree Studios

Copyright Pinetree Studios

So enjoy! 
We are going to be making a LOT more!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Pattern!

Winter Ornaments Collection
by Pinetree Studios
Tree Ornament and Snowman Ornaments!

These are e-patterns and make up quick and easy!
Great as ornaments, doorknob hangers, gift tags too!

Check it out at our ETSY Store.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Well, it's here!!!!!

Just uploaded my newest e-pattern to our Etsy Store.

Please go check it out!

Holly and Berries Penny Rug
(approximately 10" diameter)

Place a candy dish, candle or a clear dish or
Christmas Feather Tree on top for a stunning effect.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Designs!!!!!

I've been working on some new designs and hope to
have the patterns up for sale by weekend's end!
Just in time for the holidays!!!

Here is one of them ~

Holly and Berries Penny Rug
(approximately 10" diameter)

Place a candy dish, candle or a clear dish or
Christmas Feather Tree on top for a stunning effect.

Thanks for looking!
Come back on Sunday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Challenge #136 ~ "Colour Colour Everywhere"

So, I'm thrilled by this week's challenge because
I just recently started to work with 
color in my ZIA's!!!

I have been creating new stencils
(coming soon to our ETSY store)
and have been focusing on
fall ~ my FAVORITE time of year!

Here I have used my markers and my airbrush sytem
to create this fabulous background.
Naturally, I had to tangle it!

(tangles used:: printemps, florz and flux)

Then, my daughter-in-law McCall Miller ~ CZT #2,
taught me another technique using wonderful
Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils.
Can you say YUMMY!

 (tangles used:: printemps, knightsbridge, eke, kathy's dilemma)

So, thank you Laura ~ i am the diva ~ for another wonderful challenge!
You are great!!!!!

P.S. ~ That cute little bat holding the tiles ~
they are also for sale at our ETSY store!

Have a GREAT day and thanks for looking!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Class!

This new class features the use of stencils as well as
markers and airbrushing beautiful colored backgrounds.
Of course you will learn some new patterns too!

You also get to keep the stencil you choose!!!!!

Visit the "Classes" page to get more information.

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beautiful Brooches!

We've been very busy!!!!!!

This beautiful brooch (pin) features a pumpkin and leaves.
It will be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.
It can be worn on a lapel, scarf, blouse or shirt, purse strap, backpack, etc.

Check it out at our ETSY store.

 This beautiful brooch (pin) features a raven, bats and tree.

These make WONDERFUL gifts!!!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Zentangle Basics Class

Although most of my classes are taught in my home/studio, 
there are those times when I do teach elsewhere.

So . . . I do have a class being taught at
Beverly's in Citrus Heights
on Saturday, August 17th from 1 - 3.
There are still some openings, so if you are
interested please e-mail me and let me know!

Hope to hear from you!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Class!!

We are happy to offer a new class ~ Quilling

"Quilling or Paper Filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs."
Please click on our "Classes" link above to get a detailed description of the class!
 This is a perfect time of year to learn quilling ~ make beautiful
snowflake ornaments, gift tags, holiday cards and more.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pumpkin Wallet - Great for Zentangle Tiles

This beautiful Pumpkin Wallet was made to hold up to 15 Zentangle Tiles!

I've been using my tile holder since April 2012 and it is holding up wonderfully!
My tiles are always with me and are protected
from other items in my purse. The tiles stay nice and clean
until I am ready to use them ~ VERY important!

Please click here to purchase this tile holder.

Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Challenge #127 ~ DuoTangle v. VII: Cirquital/Opus

I really enjoyed this week's challenge!

"The challenge is to use specifically the two tangles presented here. 
You can find the step outs to Cirquital HERE and Opus can be found HERE."

So this is my take on this challenge.

(tangles used:: opus and cirquital)

Thanks for stopping by and thank you Laura!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Blank Pattern Cards ~ Digital PDF!!!

We've had several requests for going to a 
Digital PDF Format for our
Blank Pattern Cards ~
So, here they are!!!

Thank you!!!

This is a perfect tool for cataloging your patterns, but don't stop there!

"Love these cards not only for tangle patterns but as color reference card
for my other art media like watercolors, inks, & acrylics." ~ J
This is an alternative to our Blank Pattern Cards that we offer ~ if you choose,

you can still order the physical Blank Pattern Cards.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly Challenge #126 ~ Stencil Fun

 After being asked to write a guest post for Artistcellar,
Laura (i am the diva) started using some stencils to do some tangling!
"If you have some stencils in your stash, time to pull them out
and try tangling using the stencils as your string! 
Don't fret if you don't have any stencils in your art supply,
you can use anything from around the house."

So give it a try!

Although I did not just do this for the challenge,
I thought it might be fun to post it anyway!

I decided to make a mug insert a while back for a
friend of mine and chose to use this maple leaves stencil.
Both my friend and I were very happy with the results!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well . . . I didn't lie!!!!!

I told you more were coming!!!!

Here is the newest
Another AWESOME idea from Pinetree Studios!

Pinetree Studios "Color Your Own" Personalized Canvas Tote Bag!

You can find this one at our ETSY Store.

The design (made by Mary Elizabeth) and your name are cut
from commercial grade Black StripFlock Vinyl
and is heat pressed onto the canvas using a commercial grade heat press.

The rest is up to you!!!!

You make it your own by coloring "inside the lines!"
I used Tulip Fabric Markers for this bag. You can use any fabric marker
or paint, just follow the directions on the product you use
to make the colors permanent. (Markers are not included.)
Leave it looking like stained glass or continue decorating by adding
gems, buttons, ribbons . . . . ???

Use this canvas bag to carry your groceries, yarn, ipad, books,
tools, Zentangle supplies ~ just about anything that will fit.
Canvas tote bag measures approximately 9" W x 11" H x 3" D

 Have FUN! and thanks for looking!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Canvas Bags

Been working hard on some new designs.
These are JUST the beginning ~ have a
whole new concept coming within the next few days.

Nevermore ~ two styles.

(13.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 ~ Black StripFlock Vinyl and fabric)

(13.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 ~ Black StripFlock Vinyl and fabric)

Both are available at our ETSY Store.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #121 ~ Birds on a Wire

The challenge this week, given to us by Laura ~ The Diva, is to learn and use
one of the tangles created by YOU. (UMT ~ Use My Tangle)

This week's tangle, Birds on a Wire, was created by Mary Kissel, CZT.
You can see the step outs for this tangle on her blog HERE

 So I took this tangle out for a spin ~ just had fun with it!
Kept it very simplistic.
This is definitely a pattern I will play with more ~ very cool!

(Tangle used :: birds on a wire)

 So this is the fun part too.
I was "test driving" one of our new designer boards this morning
when my husband came in to tell me something.
He stopped and watched and then
asked what this pattern was called ~ he tangles too.
I told him Birds on a Wire. "Mary," he said ~ "look at your board!"

Have fun! Thank you Laura and Mary!
GREAT tangle!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #120 ~ Tangleation Nation ~ Bales

This week's challenge is to use the tangle, Bales.
Although it is considered to be one of the staples of Zentangle,
I find I hardly ever use it!

So thank you Laura for this week's challenge!
Definitely need to play with this.

 (Tangle used ~ bales)

I have eight Tiffany lamps ~ after I finished with this tile
I realized that it would have been great colored!
I plan on doing another one of these so I can
use my Koi Water Colors by Sakura.  FUN!!!

Just a note ~ I have been experiencing a "problem" with my
zentangle tiles and micron ink. The ink seems to be bleeding a bit and
the tiles seem to have more of a "rag" to them.
I have a light hand and it has been a bit more damp where I live.
Anyone have an idea?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #119 ~ Ebony and Ivory

Laura's challenge ~ 
"This week's challenge was directly inspired
by this post on the Zentangle Blog where Rick and Maria
showcase some gorgeous pieces where the black and white
are evenly distributed throughout the tiles." 

Well, NOT that I expect results ~ I really don't,
but this didn't turn out exactly how I thought it would.
BUT that's ok! So in the true fashion of
Zentangle, it turn out how it was supposed to ~ unexpected!!

Thanks again Laura ~ you are awesome!!!

 (Tangles used :: strircles and flux)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #118

This week's tangle comes to us from Katy Abbot, CZT~ it is called Kuke
and if you click here you will learn all about this wonderful tangle!!!!

This tangle is so much fun ~ I will be using this one a lot!
Thank you Katy! Thank you Laura ~ another great challenge!

 (Tangles used :: kuke and hollibaugh (variation)

I love this time of year where I live!
(That's not entirely true ~ I love it where I live ALL of the time!)
I like to take pictures of my work outside by this
dogwood. It just stopped blooming and is now leafing out.
It's so beautiful!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinetree Studios Name Block Tile Holders!!!!

Pinetree Studios Name Block Tile Holders!!!!

Pictured below is our NEW Tile Holder.
They are wood blocks and personalized.
BUT WAIT . . .
They can display ~ Zentangle Tiles/Certificates,
photos, recipe cards, etc.

Please click here for purchasing information.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #117

It's that time again!!!!
This week the Diva has challenged us to use the
"New Official Tangle ~ Schway"
just released by Zentangle ®.

I instantly loved this new tangle ~ think you will too.
I do have one bit of advice however! Try very hard not to have too
many interruptions while drawing this tangle ~ that is if anyone COULD
interrupt you!!! Talk about being in the zone.

(Tangles used ::  flux and schway)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New way to display . . .

We are always trying new ways to display
our finished Zentangle tiles.

We have displayed them in photos albums, travel albums, 
picture frames, just hanging around loose (they tend to get dog-eared!)

So we got to thinking ~ again! When WOW! it hit us!

Pinetree Studios Name Block Tile Holders!!!!

These tile display holders can go anywhere!
We have ours all over our home ~ different names because we
all create Zentangle tiles.

It's a fun way to show off our art.

We can see these being displayed in place of name plates
on desks at work or around the house like we have.
I've used them while teaching my classes or doing a demo.

This would also be a fun gift!

Click through to our ETSY store
for more information.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #116

Every week there is a challenge given to us by I am the diva.

This week is "Blind Slighted"

Laura states, "I'm revisiting another past challenge - using a blind string. 
i feel that it's good to go back and remind myself that not all my tiles need
to be pretty, and sometimes i need to let go and just tangle,
to take a deep breath or two, and to centre and not worry about what
the outcome of my piece will be. To find my zen."  

So . . . closing my eyes I drew my string ~ then what!
To continue with the eyes being closed, I decided that I would
choose my tangles/patterns the same way.
So out came the TanglePatterns.com Tangle Guide 2013.
I closed my eyes, flipped to a page and stuck my finger on a tangle.
Whatever I chose was what was drawn.
Actually it was quite fun!!!

(Tangles used :: hollibaugh, diva dance rock 'n roll
printemps, florz, zedbra, paradox, flux, betweed)

Thanks Laura!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm Weaving!!!!!

No, no ~ I am not staggering ~ I'm WEAVING!!!!

Gary gave me a Cricket Loom several years ago ~ unfortunately, the
person who said she would teach me ultimately declined ~ poo!!!!

So while I was doing some web searches I came across an AWESOME web site
and low and behold ~ they were offering a class in Rigid Heddle Weaving.
Just what I needed!!!!

The web site is Craftsy.com and they offer so many fantastic classes.

I have found that there are a LOT of other students taking this online class
so I don't feel all alone and can ask questions and actually get replies!

Here is the link

Here is a picture of my very first loom woven scarf!

I'm working on my second scarf ~ I'll post that picture soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinetree Studios Hand Easel

A few years ago . . . my daughter-in-law, McCall ~ also a CZT, and I were asked by Sakura to come and teach Zentangle to their company employees while they were having their company picnic. We jumped at the chance!!! We had a blast!!

We had the issue of what do you give someone as a platform to hold their tile. 
(I remember during my CZT Seminar, Maria suggested finding wood placemats. Do you think I could find one, not at that time!) Other suggestions were clipboards, magazines, etc.

This dilemma has been an on-and-off topic for some time now . . .

Years later . . . I really enjoyed reading Rick's post about NAEA ~ 2013, but what really stuck in my mind was his statement, "People gathered around as they tangled on palm-boards or the booth's counter."

So this thought has been lurking in the background for some time . . .

While my sister, Cindy, and I were crafting one day ~ actually, we were decorating clipboards ~we began talking about how cool it would be if we could find the board and hardware to make our own perfect sized clipboards, when ~ WHAM! (you know ~ when you hit yourself in the forehead with your hand!)  I can make my own palm-boards!!!!

SO . . . the Pinetree Studios Hand Easel was born!!!!

This 6 inch board is a perfect platform to place your paper
(3.5 square Zentangle Tile shown)
and rest your hand while drawing your favorite patterns.

Keep it in your ~
briefcase, purse, backpack or any travel bag
Keep it on your ~
coffee table, nightstand, etc.

When and where will you use it?
Plane, train, car, camping, beach, backyard, couch, bed . . .

Oh! and YES ~ we are bringing out different sizes soon!!!

Another AWESOME idea by Pinetree Studios!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First Zendala

Well, I will say that trying to decide where to start
on a round tile was a little daunting!
BUT, I did and I am very happy with the results.
I tend to be very detailed, but that is my zone
when I have a lot on my mind.

If you haven't tried using a Zentangle Zendala Tile,
then you are missing out ~ get them!!!!

Tangles used ~ printemps, crescent moon, funls, 
 sparkool, zin, 'nzeppel, florz, groovy, flux

Monday, March 25, 2013

Laced ~ a fun pattern!!!

Had so much fun working on this pattern.
Thank you to everyone who has requested seeing it again!!
Thank you Linda Farmer, CZT, for ALL that you do!
Please check out TanglePatterns.com

 Laced ~ Pattern by Mary Elizabeth Martin, CZT #2