Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Classes!!! Yippee!!!!

There are new classes being offered and more to come!
Penny Rug Classes
Decorative Wood Block Sets
More Zentangle Classes

 So please click on Classes.

Another Way?

Just another way to get those tangles/patterns organized. We ALL have so
many ways to do this and believe me, I keep trying them all!!!!

I really do like these books though and keep going back to them.
 Rick and Maria started me with these books when I
went through certification so many years ago.

I love the paper ~ the book fits into my purse beautifully.
AND, I get to remember the wonderful time I spent learning from
Rick and Maria ~ the book is definitely a memory trigger!

The book/journal is called hand book by Global Art Materials.
You can find them at Amazon ~ different sizes and cover colors.

This is what I'm doing with this book ~ this time!

One side the pattern process (steps).
The facing page, a finished tangle/pattern.

So ~ how are you organizing your tangle/patterns?????

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zentangle Fun Day

I don't think that my students realize just
how much I learn from them!!!! 

Yesterday, I had the wonderful experience of teaching Zentangle
to two terrific ladies, Melodie and Laura. Both were enthusiastic
to learn and came with fresh and open minds, even though
they had both been tangling for several months.

We had a full day of tangles, patterns, lunch, talking!
I get that I should be playing music to enjoy the full effect
of Zentangle ~ and in thinking back over the day ~ I will forevermore,
provide a period of time for my students to experience that; however,
there is something about the talking ~ I believe the better word is brainstorming!

Organizing, sharing the art, sharing the heart, comfort food, 
positive comments ~ all the way around.

Melodie and Laura ~ thank you for a wonderful day!
I don't think that there could have been a
better way to begin Autumn!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Decorative Wood Blocks

Oh my!
Gary and I have been having a blast creating
these decorative wood blocks!
I really enjoy the fact that BOTH of us
have a hand in these creations!!!!!

Here is the first set ~ more to come!

Materials ~ wood, paper, vinyl