Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Patterns and Home Decor Goodies!

Been very busy!

There are several new e-patterns and finished Home Decor goodies
at our ETSY Store ~ come take a look!!!

 Dogwood "Whatever" Mat
Finished Product and E-Pattern

 Pine Cone Tile Coasters

 Crocheted Cotton Coasters

 Patriotic Crocheted Coasters

Pumpkins ~ Mini Photo/Art Holders

Hope to enjoy!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

When all of this started . . .

I was "Spring" cleaning and changing out my decor when
I happened upon this penny rug.

This was my very first penny rug I designed and, I have to say
that after all of this time, it has really held up well.

I tried to replicate it a few years ago and couldn't find the exact colors
that I had originally used. So I went looking for similar
colors and found some that were close enough. I will say though, even now,
not all of the second choice colors are available.

I have had custom order requests for this design and even though I designed this
in 2008, it's is becoming a "classic" and I believe will
be a pattern that can be used years to come regardless of using
the colors I had originally used.

Dogwood Penny Rug
designed by Mary Elizabeth Martin/Pinetree Studios
Two colors choices

I am happy to say that this pattern is still going strong
and can be found at our ETSY Store.

Thanks for looking and have an awesome day!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Falling Maple Leaves Collection

Almost every time I offer a new pattern I say it’s my favorite and this time is no different.
I absolutely love the fall. This collection speaks to me of all of the things
I love about Autumn;  the colors, the smell of apple and pumpkin pie,
the changes in temperature, the way I feel like I can just slow down a bit.

This Falling Maple Leaves Collection includes Coasters, "Whatever" Mats and a Twirlie
and was made from National Nonwovens Woolfelt.

 Falling Maple Leaves Coasters

  Falling Maple Leaves"Whatever" Mats

  Falling Maple Leaves Twirlie

 This collection is now available at our ETSY Store.

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT day!

Monday, February 22, 2016

"Whatever" Mats . . .

I just can not believe how quickly the days have passed!
I have been so busy creating new designs ~ I have completely lost track of the time!

So, what have I been doing? Keep on reading ~ here is ONE new concept.

Penny Rug? Decorative Mat? Coaster? Mug Mat?

It's a "Whatever" Mat. 
Whatever you need to use it for, under a candy dish, a vase, a mug, a candle, whatever . . .
The “Whatever” Mats are meant to be a smaller version of the “traditional” sized penny rugs. 

Because of their size, I believe they are more versatile for decoration purposes.
Have a long dining table like I have? . . . make several and place them down the middle
of the table instead of one long runner. They are also the perfect size for narrow tables,
end tables, night stands, book shelves, whatever . . . ;)

Bunnies "Whatever" Mat Collection

Bunnies "Whatever" Mat Collection
This "Whatever" Mat was made using Wool and Floss from Weeks Dye Works

This piece is part of a Bunnies "Whatever" Mat Collection.
I have really enjoyed working on this collection. As a bonus for purchasing this e-pattern 
in my ETSY Store I have included the templates for two more designs,
Springtime Run (Bunnies and Flowers) and Easter Run (Bunnies and Eggs). 
Each measures approximately 8.5" x 8.5" 

More to come soon!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pine Cone Pin Keeps

I just love making these Pine Cone Pin Keeps,
and I really enjoy having these functional decorations in my work area.

These are really wonderful for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life . . .
Anyone who sews, quilts, appliques or embroiders would love one of these as a gift!

 Please visit us at our ETSY Store!
Look for them in the Pin Keeps and Pin Cushions Section.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Newly listed!

I've just listed our newest creations . . .
Pin Keeps, sometimes known as pin cushions and make-dos.

Not only are these Pin Keeps beautiful, they are functional too!

Perfect to give as gifts, especially for that special someone
who sews, quilts, appliques, embroiders . . .

Please find them on our ETSY Store in our Pin Keep & Pin Cushion Section.

Thank you for looking!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Wire Pumpkins . . . how to make tutorial

I was searching and searching for some fun ways to make pumpkins using various materials,
when I happened on one tutorial for making twine pumpkins. While I liked the outcome, I wasn't crazy about the process! Seemed to take too much time for me.

Then I got the, OMG! ~ hit-my-hand-to-my-forehead kind of idea.
I had just recently purchased a wrapped wire for another project of mine and
I KNEW it would be perfect for what I was looking for.

So here goes . . OH and anyone who knows me, I kind of go crazy in the detail department!
This is a LONG tutorial and really quite simple!

Have fun!

I am not endorsing anyone's product ~ I just had these on hand and used them.

* 2 fl.oz bottle of paint
* Straw (hard plastic) ~ you could use a pencil, pen, dowel
* Piece of cinnamon stick
* Glue ~ I used Elmer's glue
* Needle nose pliers
* Wire cutting tool
* Wrapped Wire ~ I used Michael's Ashland Brand
NOTE:: When choosing the wire make sure that the thickness of the wire is fairly thin and consistent throughout the coil.

 Before you begin, pull out a length of wire about 8 inches long and then cut it with the wire cutters. Set that aside for now.

It is a good idea to pull a good length of the wire out from the coil and kind of straighten it.
Every pumpkin is different, but you do use approximately 4 feet of wire.

Start wrapping the wire around the bottle (I started at the paint bottle cap) and continue wrapping about 22 - 24 times. Keep the wire wrapped closely but do not overlap the wire.
Cut the wire.

(Sorry for the bright picture here!)
I placed the bottle on the table here and then pull it out of the coils.
Don't let go of the wire ~ it will spring open on you!

I hold the wire with my fingers on the inside and my thumb holding the other end.
This way it won't spring open on you. Then with the piece of wire that you cut before,
insert it through the middle. You are going to make a little hook
so when you start wrapping the piece around the coils it will help keep it in place.
Use the needle nose pliers to help pull the wire tight.

 There is a very good possibility that you will have one or two of the wrapping ends
that did not get caught in the above process ~ you know, the beginning and end wraps
when you were using the bottle.You can either leave them be or wrap them
around the center too. I wrap them.

Place the "half" pumpkin on the table and then start to fan the coils out, forming the pumpkin
into a circle. It won't come undone during this process; however, you should still be
careful so you don't bend the coils out of shape.

Making the stem.
Cut another length, maybe 5 or so inches, and wrap this around your straw, pen, or dowel. 
Slide it off and adjust the coils to your satisfaction. 

Bend the end of the stem just slightly ~ and insert it into the middle of the pumpkin.
Squeeze a little glue into the center of the pumpkin and then place the piece of cinnamon
into the middle next to the stem.

Now you are done!

Make different size pumpkins just by using different size bottles.
For larger pumpkins wrap more coils around bottle.

Here is what I do with my pumpkins!
Look for these on our ETSY store!

Thanks for being here ~ have a GREAT day!!!