Monday, March 5, 2018

Triangles to Hexagons

This new stencil actually surprised me as I started working with it.
I discovered so many different ways to use it.
Let's look at one example!

First of all you need to gather your materials and tools.
Stencil, paper (not shown here) ~ choose any paper you'd like to draw on.
Pencil, ink pen, blending stump.

Here, I chose to use a 2" x 2" Bijou tile as my drawing surface.
I used the smallest Double Triangle on the stencil. 
Positioned the centering circle in the middle of the tile
and then with my pencil, drew the string.

Then taking my pen, I started drawing my pattern.
I LOVE the tangle Flux.

Almost done!

I wanted the shapes to pop a bit more so I went in and shaded.
The time it took me to draw this was about an hour.
My time is divided in so many ways ~ family, business . . .
I'm not really going to tell you all of the ways it is divided.
Although designing and then making a finished art piece is part of my business,
it is also an extremely vital part of reducing my life stresses ~
we all have them good and bad. It is ME time!

There it is in my studio for me to enjoy.

Here are some other ideas for using this stencil.

Thanks for joining me here.
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