Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well . . . I didn't lie!!!!!

I told you more were coming!!!!

Here is the newest
Another AWESOME idea from Pinetree Studios!

Pinetree Studios "Color Your Own" Personalized Canvas Tote Bag!

You can find this one at our ETSY Store.

The design (made by Mary Elizabeth) and your name are cut
from commercial grade Black StripFlock Vinyl
and is heat pressed onto the canvas using a commercial grade heat press.

The rest is up to you!!!!

You make it your own by coloring "inside the lines!"
I used Tulip Fabric Markers for this bag. You can use any fabric marker
or paint, just follow the directions on the product you use
to make the colors permanent. (Markers are not included.)
Leave it looking like stained glass or continue decorating by adding
gems, buttons, ribbons . . . . ???

Use this canvas bag to carry your groceries, yarn, ipad, books,
tools, Zentangle supplies ~ just about anything that will fit.
Canvas tote bag measures approximately 9" W x 11" H x 3" D

 Have FUN! and thanks for looking!!!!