Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinetree Studios Hand Easel

A few years ago . . . my daughter-in-law, McCall ~ also a CZT, and I were asked by Sakura to come and teach Zentangle to their company employees while they were having their company picnic. We jumped at the chance!!! We had a blast!!

We had the issue of what do you give someone as a platform to hold their tile. 
(I remember during my CZT Seminar, Maria suggested finding wood placemats. Do you think I could find one, not at that time!) Other suggestions were clipboards, magazines, etc.

This dilemma has been an on-and-off topic for some time now . . .

Years later . . . I really enjoyed reading Rick's post about NAEA ~ 2013, but what really stuck in my mind was his statement, "People gathered around as they tangled on palm-boards or the booth's counter."

So this thought has been lurking in the background for some time . . .

While my sister, Cindy, and I were crafting one day ~ actually, we were decorating clipboards ~we began talking about how cool it would be if we could find the board and hardware to make our own perfect sized clipboards, when ~ WHAM! (you know ~ when you hit yourself in the forehead with your hand!)  I can make my own palm-boards!!!!

SO . . . the Pinetree Studios Hand Easel was born!!!!

This 6 inch board is a perfect platform to place your paper
(3.5 square Zentangle Tile shown)
and rest your hand while drawing your favorite patterns.

Keep it in your ~
briefcase, purse, backpack or any travel bag
Keep it on your ~
coffee table, nightstand, etc.

When and where will you use it?
Plane, train, car, camping, beach, backyard, couch, bed . . .

Oh! and YES ~ we are bringing out different sizes soon!!!

Another AWESOME idea by Pinetree Studios!

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