Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Way?

Just another way to get those tangles/patterns organized. We ALL have so
many ways to do this and believe me, I keep trying them all!!!!

I really do like these books though and keep going back to them.
 Rick and Maria started me with these books when I
went through certification so many years ago.

I love the paper ~ the book fits into my purse beautifully.
AND, I get to remember the wonderful time I spent learning from
Rick and Maria ~ the book is definitely a memory trigger!

The book/journal is called hand book by Global Art Materials.
You can find them at Amazon ~ different sizes and cover colors.

This is what I'm doing with this book ~ this time!

One side the pattern process (steps).
The facing page, a finished tangle/pattern.

So ~ how are you organizing your tangle/patterns?????

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