Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's January 15th ALREADY????

Oh WOW! I can not believe how time flies!!!!

It is a NEW year AND I am totally ready for what this year is going to bring . . .

So, what have I been doing.

Well, for one thing, I have finally finished my studio and getting it set up. I am really proud of the way it has turned out too. Trying to organize all of my fabric and yarns has been an existing problem for me and then it finally occurred to me how to do it!

First off, I guess I should tell you what it is that I do here . . .
I am a designer, weaver, artist (pen & ink and graphic).
Looking around here on our blog should give you an idea.

I looked and looked all over Pinterest (and other places too) and could not find anything that suited my particular problem of storage. I am happy to post pictures here and share my solution, hoping that this will help someone else with their storage challenge too. 

This picture shows 21 ~ 4 Wire Basket Units from Ikea.
Yup, that is 84 wire baskets!!!!!

I won't bore you with how many trips I actually made to the store to get my
studio organized, but it was a lot!

I have stored my::
fabric ~ woolfelt, wool, cotton, flannel, batik, handwoven fabric
yarn ~ wool, wool blend, cotton, twine, novelty, ribbon, roving
finished items, work in progress and my items for sale.

Each basket has a label and is lined with paper so everything stays in the basket.
Boy, am I happy!

Next . . .
I love this view!

Again, from Ikea ~ the desk and legs along with two drawer units that also store files ~ a must!
I have most of my pens, markers and watercolors in this area too. My computer too.

Then . . .
My cutting center. Again Ikea. Table and legs. Two files drawers that can best be described
as units that could store maps.
I have my weaving tools, embroidery threads and tools, rulers & templates, fringers,
yo-yo makers, knitting and crocheting tools, etc. in these drawers.
Up on this peg board (there is another that stores my cutting tools) I have some of my pin looms,
weaving yarn spools, project bags (so I can grab and go).

Lastly (not really)  . . .
My library and embellishment center!

2 of my five rigid heddle looms.
Button, beads, charms, wire, tools, more pens, dies, etc.
I love this center!!!!!!

So, this is what I have been working on to get ready for this new year.
I am excited to work in this fabulous studio!

Please come back often to see what I am making . . .
my husband and I actually have more in store, but that is another post!!

Have a GREAT day!

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