Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Something new . . .

You know that I have made several mug/candle mat, penny rug and table runner designs
using woolfelt and wool. Yes, my designs are unique and . . . sigh, beautiful.
(Giggle, I LOVE what I come up with!!)

But I got to thinking about how almost common these designs were
becoming. So, I started working on a new twist to my designs.

I am a weaver and love working with yarn. I began experimenting with these weavings
and have now started making my own 100% wool fabric! I enjoy "designing" my
unique fabric and then using it as design elements in my patterns. I will also begin to
use more embroidery stitches to accent these elements.

Below is just the beginning. This is my first piece using my woven fabric.
There will be a lot more to come so stay in touch!

The black is woolfelt. The light and dark grey, and red fabric was woven by me.

The mat is approximately 7" in diameter ~ perfect for a bud vase, cup or glass.

Thanks for stopping by ~ have a wonderful day!

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